Update: The Hoover Dam is open with restrictions. Visitor Center Exhibits are open as are outdoor areas, trails, parking garage, gift shops, restaurants, and elevators. Masks are required for everyone indoors. Powerplant and dam tours are closed.


Hoover Dam

Update: Due to health conditions, there are no Powerplant or Dam Tours currently offered.

Hoover Dam Tours

Nearly 1,000,000 people a year take a Hoover Dam tour. Many visitors take Hoover Dam tours offered by the Bureau of Reclamation, the dam's administrators. They have conducted tours through the dam and powerplant since 1937. For many visitors on a Hoover Dam tour, their first stop is the Hoover Dam Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is open daily 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. It is only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. There is an adjacent parking garage that costs $7 per car, and opens at 8:00 a.m. daily.

The Bureau of Reclamation offers several different Hoover Dam tour options. There is a Powerplant Tour that includes admission to the Visitor Center and Powerplant. The tour costs about $10, except children 3 and under and U.S. military service members in uniform can take the tour for free.

Hoover Dam Tour


The Bureau also offers a more comprehensive Hoover Dam tour, which includes the Visitor Center, Powerplant, and Dam Passageways, for a cost of about $30.00 per person. Children under age 8 are not permitted on this tour and the tour is not wheelchair accessible. Tickets to the Visitor Center cost about $8.

On the Bureau of Reclamation's Website, visitors can purchase tickets in advance tickets for both Hoover Dam tours and Visitor Center admission. By the Visitor Center and adjacent garage, there are restrooms, food concession service, and a gift shop.


Hoover Dam is an extremely popular destination, attracting visitors from all over the world. It tends to be busiest Fridays through Sundays and in the summer from Memorial Day until Labor Day. The least amount of visitors come during the winter months of January and February. Early in the mornings and late in the afternoons are the best times to avoid crowds.

Temperatures can be extremely hot in the summer months, regularly exceeding 100 degrees, and occasionally in May and October. Visitors to Hoover Dam should take precautions to avoid exposure and drink plenty of liquids.

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