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Tours Reopen

Open After Two Year Closure

With the onset of adverse health conditions in March 2020, the Hoover Dam shut down for visitors. The dam and facilities were closed down to the public for more than seven months.

In October of that year, the dam reopened with the visitor center, observation deck, and facilities reopening. However, indoor tours of the dam and powerplant remain closed.

Hoover Dam Tour

The dam did reopen for tours briefly prior to the Delta variant but then closed and remained on hiatus through the Omicron wave.

After nearly two years of being closed, on February 28, 2022, the Hoover Dam reopened dam and powerplant tours to the public.

Now visitors can enjoy a Hoover Dam tour, and all the breathtaking sights it provides.

What to Know

There are still restrictions in place when visiting Hoover Dam. Masks are required indoors and capacity on tours is limited to 50%. This is to allow for more social distancing and space on elevators.

Typically forty people could ride on the elevators but that has been reduced to twenty people.

Hoover Dam Tour What to Know

The Hoover Dam offers three types of tours on-site: the Guided Dam Tour ($30 per person), the Guided Powerplant Tour ($15 per person), or the Self-Guided Visitor Center Tour ($10 per person).

The Guided Powerplant Tour tickets can be purchased online through the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s website here. The USBR operates the dam.

However, the Guided Dam Tour and the Self-Guided Visitor Center Tour can only be purchased on-site at the Hoover Dam.

You can learn more about Hoover Dam tours here or get a map of the dam here.

There are a variety of third-party tour options including aerial tours, helicopter tours, boat tours, and bus tours.

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